Monday, March 5, 2012

What I like about 'The Man of Steel'...

The new Superman movie, coming in 2013, is (reportedly) going to be called 'The Man of Steel'.  Everything that I have read about the production of this film, I totally like.  Here is a list and why.
1) CHRIS NOLAN: The man who successfully rebooted Batman in the movies 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' is going to be the producer on this new Superman film.  David S. Goyer wrote both the above-mentioned films and he will be writing this one.
2) ZACK SNYDER is the director.  As long as he is not allowed to write the film, like he did with 'Sucker Punch', he will no doubt use his awesome eye for special effects to show off how powerful Superman is.  Awesome director.  Sucky writer.
3) LAURENCE FISHBURNE.  Morpheous from 'The Matrix' will the first black actor to portray Daily Planet editor Perry White.  Ignore the color of his skin, watch his performance in 'Mission Impossible 3' as the no-nonsense leader of the IMF team and tell me that he is not perfect to play Perry White.  I like the innovation of looking past his skin color as well as him as an actor.
4) REBOOT.  Bryan Singer tried to make a Superman movie that was connected to the Richard Donner Superman film and it was incredibly boring.  Another studio tried to make a Ninja Turtle cartoon movie that was connected to a long dead movie series and that sucked.  Star Trek and Batman Begins started over with a fresh take and they were great.  This is what they are doing with Superman and that is awesome.
5) RUSSELL CROWE as Jor-El.  Because they are starting over, there will be scenes that take place on Krypton, flashbacks or otherwise.  I hear Russell Crowe is a jerk in real life, but he's a great actor and he'd make a good Jor-El.
6) KEVIN COSTNER and DIANE LANE as Jonathan and Martha Kent.  I like Martha Kent better as a younger mother than the doting old lady that was shown in the Christopher Reeves Superman films (and the comics for some time)  They picked an attractive older woman similar to what they did with Annette O'Tool playing Marha Kent in 'Smallville'.  Also, it's cool that they are doing the more recent comic book storyline where Jonathan Kent survives into Superman's adult life, instead of having him die before Superman leaves the farm, like in the first film.  I assume they are, judging by Kevin Costner's age.  Dude is getting up there.
7) GENERAL ZOD is the villian.  One of the reasons that Superman Returns was so incredibly boring was that Superman had no one that he could actually fight, despite the fact that the comics have given him countless characters that could pose a physical threat to Krypton's last son (Parasite, Metallo, Darkseid etc.)  The only person in Superman Returns who got beat up was Superman himself.  He got stabbed with a Kryptonite shank (like a chump!)  'Superman II' (back in the 80's) had the promising concept of Superman fighting three Kryptonian villians, but the special effects were so poor at that time, the scene is rather laughable (and it probably was back then too).  I love the idea of someone with Zack Snyder's talent for special effects tackling an epic fight between Superman and someone he can really duke it out with.
8) AMY ADAMS as Lois Lane.  I am just curious to see someone who is known for playing sugary-sweet characters (The Muppets.  Enchanted.) play tough as nails reporter/bad speller Lois Lane.  She's a good actress.  I'm sure she can pull it off.
9) HENRY CAVILL as Clark Kent/Superman.  Looks the part.  Hope he's a good actor.  Should be awesome.
10) NEW DC COMICS CONTINUITY COSTUME.  I am surprised that they haven't taken the red underwear off of Superman's costume sooner, but this movie will be following suit with the newest DC Comics version of his costume.  My only complaint is that they don't have the red belt that he has in the comics.  Because Superman has had red underwear over his pants for 70+ years, the red belt works because you instinctively want to see more red on his costume.  Maybe they will add the red belt later or maybe I will get used to the extra amount of blue.  Either way, the costume looks awesome, as I prefer the bigger 'S' on Superman's costume that this movie seems to have.