Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ben Affleck as Batman

Before I heard that they were including Batman in a Man of Steel sequel, before I knew that they were calling it 'Batman vs. Superman'...before I knew who was cast as Batman...I was saying that the new Bruce Wayne (Batman) should be a more mature businessman type. I love me some Dark Knight, but the scene where Bruce Wayne falls asleep during board (bored?) meetings always bothered me. It was one aspect of his character that they got wrong, as good as the rest of it was. And then he bankrupts the company in the third movie. :-\ Anyway, that is the main thing I like about Ben Affleck playing Batman. I see him as the mature businessman type who can introduce some of the sci-fi elements that Nolan ignored in his version by being CEO of Wayne Tech (if he gets his own Batman series). We know he will be in the same universe as an alien from Krypton. Why not do a better darker verrsion of Mr. Freeze down the road the way the cartoon did? Or Clayface? I know he's not a sci-fi character, but I'd love to see a creepy version of the Ventriloquist in a Batman film.

Anyway, I think Ben Affleck's a good actor and I am glad they are bringing back the businessman part of his character. The other thing I keep seeing people write online is "I see him as Bruce Wayne, but not as Batman." Well, I saw him as Matt Murdock and, like Batman, all Daredevil had to do was wear a mask and growl while he fought, which he did convincingly, silly as that movie was. I would think Bruce Wayne would be the tougher side and some are coming around to admiting that Affleck would be a good Bruce Wayne...and I agree. I reserve judgement until I see a trailer.

Picking an actor that you don't care for to play an iconic hero is far less offenseive than changing the character or origin story in some disrespectful way (Han Solo shooting first, Alien Ninja Turtles) and there are many examples of actors who people didn't think would cut it as Batman characters and they ended up being great. (Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger)...so this doesn't deserve the outcry that it has gotten from fans online. In two years, Batman and Superman will be in the same live-action movie for the first time in Sujperman's 75 year plus history and that ain't nothin to sneeze at. :-)

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