Friday, July 7, 2017

'Cars 3' REVIEW

'Cars 2' was the Pixar movie that started Pixar's post-Toy-Story-3 slump after their 12 awesome movie streak starting with the original 'Toy Story'.  'Cars 2' was the first time I walked out of the theatre of a Pixar movie not blown away by the creativity.  It happened a few times after that, with 'Inside Out' raising the bar up again...albeit briefly.
But even a mediocre effort by Pixar is just as good or better than what other studios crank out.  I just got my hopes and standards up during those first 12 movies, being blown away by 'The Incredibles' and 'Wall-E'.  Yes, 'Brave' and 'Cars 2' were lame, but 'Cars 3' falls in the "this would be better if DreamWorks made it" category.
The story is basically about Lightning McQueen having to swallow his pride when younger, faster race cars are making their way into the sport.  Because all the characters in this world are sentient cars, race car drivers are athletes, so this movie is like a 'Rocky' sequel for kids as Lightning McQueen mounts both his wheels and his comeback.  Along the way, he makes friends with a young, female race car trainer named Cruz Ramirez and teaches her to believe in herself.  There are some nice nods to Paul Newman, who died after voicing the character of Doc Hudson (McQueen's previous mentor) in the first film, as Doc Hudson appears in flashbacks and Lighting takes on a mentor role of sorts with Cruz.
I think your enjoyment of this film will depend on whether or not you enjoyed the first one and want to see where the characters have ended up.  It's wayyyyy better than the second one (which totally didn't count).  Mater is in this one, but with no mention of the lame spy plot in part 2.  In the end, 'Cars 3' is a funny final lap to the (two part) 'Cars' trilogy.
KIDS' RATING: 3 Lightyear tires out of 5.
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