Thursday, November 2, 2017

FREE CONTENT: other ways to get reviews

There is a website called Smashwords where indie authors post their work.  One thing that I like about them is that they allow you to post short stories for free a lot easier than Amazon does.  For obvious reasons, more people will read free books.  And then, if they like your style, they check out the stuff they have to pay a few bucks to download.

I have found that I get more reviews on free books as well, which is obvious if more people are reading them.  And good reviews draw people to the book.  My practice is that I will take a chapter of a book that I am working on that works as a short story unto itself (that happens a lot in my work, as I am trying to introduce a character and the whole chapter ends up working as a short story) and I will post the short story on Smashwords for free.  And if people want to read the whole thing, I post an ad for it on the last page of the story.

Here are some links to some of my free content.  Feel free to leave reviews.  Thank you.

Time Travel Police Corruption
Detective Aileen Buckman has just uncovered a terrible secret, about corruption among her superiors in the Time Travel Police Department. How will she expose this diabolical plot without the corrupt leader of the TTPD and his ruthless mob confidant?

Jason Jacobs has an autistic daughter who identifies with lizards better than people. Jason finds it unusual when their pediatrician suggests that she take lizard hormones to feel comfortable in her not-yet-scaly skin. But why would Jason's wife be in favor of such a radical procedure in the first place? And what does her past as an activist have to do with her unorthodox choice?

An alien prince battles a space slug that only gets stronger when it feeds on the selfishness, fear and hatred on the planets it consumes.

Nebb Tuk
Nebb Tuk is a down on his luck musician who gets the biggest offer of his life, to perform on a TV show that showcases mutants like him. But will he take the money and fame he is being offered or view the show itself as pandering to those who are different?

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