Monday, August 1, 2011


I just saw 'Toy Story 3' for the second time yesterday and I gotta tell you that Pixar is 12-for-12.  They always knock the ball out of the park as far as making movies that are incredibly imaginative, timeless and something that both the young and the older (but not too narrow-minded to dismiss the notion that all cartoons are for kids) can enjoy.  The one exception to this was 'A Bug's Life', which I thought was a little more aimed at younger kids than 'Finding Nemo' and 'The Incredibles', but the scene at the end with the bird was just GREAT!  So...11 and a half for 12.  When I say 'timeless', I am referring to alot of kids movies that come out these days in which the characters spout slang that will incredibly 'date' the movie five or ten years from now.  Saw a preview for an animated film one time in which the talking cows were talking like rappers.  One cow was even 'busting' saggy jeans in which 'his' (yes, HIS, it was a male) udder could be shown (instead of boxer shorts).  Pixar never does stuff like that, which is why their films will last...and why I don't remember the name of that other movie.  Ha ha.  Oh and for those of you who DO think that all cartoons are for kids, just consider all of the cartoons out there that have R-rated content (South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force).  Not recommending any of those, but are ALL cartoons just for kids?  Clearly not.  Anyway, on with my review.

'Toy Story 3' has the wonderful combination of imagination and 'adult' (not vulgar, but might go over the kids' heads) humor of Pixar at their best.  (Watch for a scene in which Barbie disguises herself as Ken.)  Andy is going off to college and the toys are exploring their options of where they would be better off, the attic, Sunnyside Day Care or a third option that presents itself.  I LOVED the fact that the main bad guy was essentially a Care Bear.  They should have put a symbol on his chest.  Yes, I grew up in the 80's.  ha ha.  I LOVED Chuckles and the cymbal monkey and hope they are not overlooked in the tie-in merchandise in favor of this film's cuter characters.  I loved the fact that each character was given a decent part.  Yes, this was largely because Andy is 17 and got rid of Wheezy and Bo Peep (likely so he wouldn't get beaten up at school) so there were fewer characters than '2', but I did feel that Mrs. Potato Head was only in 'Toy Story 2' because she was a joke at the end of the first.  In '3', she has an important part.  There were so many incredibly imaginative things in this movie that it really draws you in to the emotion, so that when the thrilling climax comes around, there is one point where you are actually worried than inanimate objects will die.  :(  Great film for everyone.  I give it 6-out of 5.  Yes, you heard me!  6-out of 5!!!  It's MY blog!!!

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