Monday, August 1, 2011

how following a fad saved me money

Popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that you can always tell the best year of your father's life because he takes that clothing style and sticks with it for the rest of his life.  Being raised by two women, I applied that to my grandmother and concluded that the 70's must have been totally awesome for her!

I became a teenager in 1992, despite that, I have a strange affinity for 1980's teen melodrama, the movies written by late-great film writer John Hughes.  At any rate, 1992 was the year that Nirvana came out, categorized largely by the suicide of lead singer Kurt Cobain at the height of the band's popularity.  At any rate, it was the influence of Nirvana and similar alt-rock bands that made it cool to shop at thrift shops.  They were all about rebelling against brand-names, corporate ownership of art and other things, so most of their most devoted followers thought it was cool to wear things that were not the latest fashion.  Yes, fashion designers caught on to this and tried to imitate the style of these rebellious bands and make it high-fashion against it's will, but to this day, I have no problem getting my clothes at thrift shops.  True, I am 31 now and try to avoid 'going punk', but I never cared about brand names and fashion designers, which is why I identified with Nirvana and Green Day and all those bands and this has saved me money to this day.  It has helped me pioneering (as saving money always does) and given me 'freeness of speech' when it comes to mocking guys who wear the name of another man on their T-shirt (not all fashion designers are gay, but it's still gay to wear their name on your shirt...and even gayer if they ARE gay).

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