Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The best review I ever got.

Of course, reviews are very important to an indie author who sells their work online.
I have gotten a few.  Mostly positive.  This is my favorite.  What makes it even more special is that it is a review for my favorite one of my books The Inter-Terrestrial.  It can be found beneath my book's listing on Amazon.  Click here to see.

The Inter-Terrestrial is a science fiction novel, but within this book are current themes regarding discrimination and prejudice.  Chad Descouteaux writes smoothly and his writing reads as that of an author who has worked on his novel and concepts for quite a long time.
I found it very interesting how in this book humans were deemed as inferior, which was rather brilliant.  So many times humans see themselves as the upper class in terms of other species and beings,but by putting them at the bottom of the galactic food chain, Descoteaux opened up a new dialogue for readers to discuss our place in the galaxy.  He also presented prejudice in a new way that allows science fiction fans to understand the concept in the format of a genre they admire.  I thought that Descoteaux’s writing was knowledgeable and original and I thoroughly enjoyed his work.  His novel is not only appropriate for science fiction fans, but for anyone who enjoys books that discuss prejudice and the crisis that is currently a major issue within our society.  I love seeing so many novels examine this conflict and Descouteaux has written a novel that I feel is original and stands out in his chosen genre.  I urge anyone who likes science fiction to read this novel as it is easy to understand and enjoy, and I have to say that it is one of the better novels that I have reviewed recently.
I hope that Descoteaux continues to write, because I would love to read more of his work and more about his stance on different topics.

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